Does Your Dog Miss Meals?

Dog Refuses To Eat

My girl Roxie is at it again.  Today when it was meal time for her and her brother Chester, she just casually laid down in front of her bowl while her brother was munching away at his breakfast.  Once again, she refused to eat.  My pet sitter who is also a vet assistant, says it’s okay for dogs to miss an entire day or two without eating but of course, more than that requires vet attention.

Roxie has played this game many times before.  She will refuse to eat for whatever reason.  Sometimes it’s quite legitimate as she has had upset tummies before with a loss of appetite.  But sometimes she seems to be fine otherwise.  Usually what happens is that by the next mealtime, she will be hungry enough to resume eating.

So after about ten minutes, well after her brother has finished his breakfast, I put away her meal back into the dog food container so that she will know that if she doesn’t eat after a certainly period of time, meal time is over.

Roxie will probably eagerly accept the daily fruit snacks during the training drills we do at midday.  She has had a very long history of being a finicky eater ever since she was a puppy.  This is one bad habit I would like to break.

Does your dog ever miss meals?  If so, please share via the comments section below.

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  • I really don’t want my dogs to miss meals because they have the tendency to crave for more even they are done with the food that I serve them.

  • Bob Denson

    Yes and i know this is can be very worrysome as i worry about the health of my dog J.J. In J.J’s case, its a finickyness he has for the food as well as a requirement for attention before meals. If he doesn’t get enough attention, he doesn’t eat, pure and simple. Try to get her to eat by taking her to her bowl and petting her, it tends to work for J.J. maybe it’ll work for you. Sorry thats the only advice I have because they are very strong willed when it comes to they’re food, so their aren’t too many tricks out there to getting them to eat, but remember NEVER punish or scold your dog for not eating, always use positive reinforcement, and you should eventually make progress with her. I hope that helps, good luck to you.

  • Thanks for your comment Bob. Fortunately, my dog has not had that issue for quite some time now. Must have been an upset stomach. She now eagerly gobbles up her meals like her brother does.