Dock Dogs Video With Dock Jumping Dogs

Dock Jumping Dogs

There was a really exciting competition of dock jumping dogs at the All About Pets Show last weekend in Toronto (video highlights of the pet dog show).  I’ve never seen these so called dock dogs before but I was really impressed by them.

The events involve dogs running off a platform or dock to grab a float suspended in the air over a pool of water.  The dogs jump for the float and land in the water.  Just like Olympic divers, the dock dogs then swim back out for another jump.

Dock Dogs Loved The Sport

The dock dogs seem to really love their sport as they just can’t wait to do more jumps off the dock.  They don’t really care if they get wet (unlike my two Lhasa Apso dogs who hate getting wet, especially my girl Roxie).  I’m really impressed by the amount of air that these dock jumping dogs can get.

These dogs obviously need an indoor facility of some type to train during the winter months.  Watching both the warmup and actual competition jumps was thrilling.  I was lucky enough to get some decent video footage of some of the jumps.  You can hear from the spectators that they just loved every jump these dock dogs made.

Personally, I actually got some sort of personal growth and development lesson from these dock dogs.

Dock Dogs In Action Video

Here’s the video footage I captured of some of the action with the dock dogs;

I’m sure that you loved watching this video as much as I did.  If you know other dog lovers and like watching action from these dock jumping dogs, please share this video and blog post with them using the buttons below.

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