Do Not Put Your Pets Website Or Any Site On Clicnet Clicshop

I was a loyal customer of Clicshop through their company Clicnet in Montreal for several years.  Their shopping cart was okay and relatively easy to use.  It certainly served it’s purpose well over the years.  I had a few of my websites with them including my new pet training site (as well as this blog).

However, since my package also included website hosting with them, I experienced a lot of downtime with my websites.  Quite often, my websites as well as their email accounts will be offline for over a day especially if this happened during weekends.  It seemed that they didn’t even know about downtime until well after.  This were not just the odd period where my websites went offline but this happened too many times during key business hours throughout my years with them.

Even worse was their technical support.  When I did get somebody on the phone, their service was okay.  The big problem is actually getting somebody on the phone.  I would say that 90% of the time when I do call their tech support, I just get a voicemail message.  They obviously do not have enough people in support and this has not changed throughout the years.

With these problems, I had planned not to renew with them.  The sales rep told me over the phone during the winter that my next renewal was up in July and that if I don’t intend on renewing, I should notify them a month in advance in June.  When I sent them notice, they then informed me that my renewal was actually in May and that my balance is for the entire next year’s of service.

I called the billing department and the rep there told me that the sales rep must have read my file wrong but I should have kept in track of my own renewal periods.  She actually mentioned that if it was a hydro bill or something, it was my responsibility to keep these renewal periods straight.  I couldn’t believe that type of attitude!

There was absolutely no way that I was going to pay for another year with Clicshop so I ended up paying a $50 cancellation fee.  This attitude from Clicnet’s billing department was really the last straw which now prompts me to warn others to avoid Clicshop at all costs.  A half decent shopping cart but lousy access to tech support, frequent downtimes for websites and awful customer service attitudes from their billing department.  Take your business elsewhere.

I did as my pets website and this Life With Dogs blog ( as well as all my other sites previously on Clicshop’s servers) are all now hosted at Bluehost which has great tech support and customer service


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  • Stephanie

    Hello !

    I’ve been experiencing the same types of problems with Clicshop for the past 3-4 years and because I am not knowledgable in internet programming, I felt I was the one who had a problem ! Clicshop certainly made an effort to continue making me feel that way ! Thank you so much for your post. I have started the process of cancelling my contract and I too am told I have to pay a fee, but I just want to leave at all costs !!! Thanks again for your post, it really helpde me make my decision.

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