Dental Health Important For Dogs

The other video that was shot yesterday was on showing folks how I brush my dogs teeth as well as the training process to get them to cooperate.  Dental health is very important for dogs.  I recall my first two dogs years ago.  Unfortunately, I was like most dog owners at that time who didn’t put a lot of effort into dental health for our pets.  As a result, I had to bring my dogs in for teeth cleaning because of too much tartar buildup every few years.  This required putting them under general anesthetic which is never a nice thing to do in addition to the costs involved.

So now with my new lhasa apso dogs Chester and Roxie, I make sure that brushing their teeth is part of their daily grooming routine.  The new video, featuring both Chester and Roxie, was edited last night and I’ll release it this week so stay tuned.

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