Definitely Diagnosis Of EPI For My Dog

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My EPI Dog

We just had our first follow up appointment with the vet specialist for Chester and we did additional bloodwork.  The specialist just called me and said that the blood tests look pretty good in normal ranges now.  With Chester as an EPI dog gaining back some weight, the specialist said that it appears that the definite diagnosis is EPI or Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency and nothing else.

There were some concerns that Chester might have other issues like Inflammatory Bowel Disease or Crohn’s Disease which an endoscopy will have confirmed.  But things are looking good with positive response from the EPI treatement so far and the specialist does not think other issues are present.

Chester’s pancreatic cells responsible for producing the needed enzymes unfortunately will not regenerate so his EPI treatment is for life.  Fortunately the EPI treatment is pretty effective and straight forward.

EPI Treatment For Life

We will be weaning Chester off the pumpkin filling and he has already finished his antibiotics.  But we will be continuing with everything else.  So it looks like his EPI treatment for the rest of his life will be;

1) Pancrease V powder sprinkled into his food for each meal

2) H2 Blocker Pepsid dosed at 1/4 tablet twice per day (with meals)

3) Vitamin B12 shots weekly at first, then every other week, then monthly.

I was already supplied with several syringes already preloaded with Vitamin B12 (as in the photo above) and will try to administer them myself at home.  Good thing Chester is a really good dog who cooperates and that the injections do not seem to hurt him since they are just being injected under his skin.  His obedience of course is a direct result of the dog training that he and his sister Roxie both had since puppyhood – see our free dog training video that is available.

He is continuing with his Hill’s prescription I/D food for now since the specialist does not want to change too many things at once.  She said that after this bag is finished and Chester is stablized, we can start to try and ween him back to Acana which is what his sister Roxie is still eating.

I asked the specialist about a possible oral Vitamin B12 with intrinsic factor but she has doubts about the absorbancy so until it is proven otherwise, we will stick with the injections just to be on the safe side.

Of course we’ll also have regular follow up visits with the specialist to monitor Chester’s health.


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