Dark No Problem For Indoor Dog Toilet Training

Indoor Dog Toilet Training

I realized another angle to a key advantage of indoor dog toilet training today.  Up here in Canada during the winter, it’s still quite dark outside at 7 am in the morning when I leave the house for ski days up north.  I want to beat the rush hour traffic on the highways and get up to my ski place to catch the morning snow.

Then when I come home at the end of the day at about 6 pm, it’s already dark in my town.  When it’s that dark, I don’t really feel like taking my two dogs outside for walks anymore but that’s not a huge problem for them.

Dog Toilet Training With Litterbox

The reason why the dark is not an issue is because there was no rush to get home in the first place to take them outside.  Both of my dogs simply used their indoor litterbox like they were taught in their dog toilet training.

Of course, I’ll make up for some fun outside the next day during the sunlight hours with them for the exercise.  During ski days, I don’t have any daylight hours with my dogs at home but again, this is only seasonal for the winter months.  They are totally okay with this since they didn’t mess up my house due to their dog toilet training.

Some of my neighbours find it tough to walk their dogs outside when it’s dark in the winter.  The neighbours that have more than one dog have trouble looking over multiple dogs and where they defecated in the back yard area.  This is a real problem if they missed picking up after any of their dogs because they could see due to the darkness.

For us, the dark is no problem since we don’t have to go out at all.  This freedom can also be your household too if you utilize an indoor dog toilet training program for your four legged friend to follow.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Canned Muffins

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