Cuban Dog Housetraining Habits Like French

#dogs #dog #cuba #france — Looks like the #Cuban dog housetraining habits are much like the French style at least in Paris.  I was in Cuba for the past nine days and they certainly do seem to have a lot of small sized, blonde colored mutts roaming around.

Many of these little dogs are quite friendly although I don’t know how many of them are stray or belong to somebody.  But if they do indeed belong to families, then the Cubans certainly have a habit much like the French in Paris where they seem to let their dogs poop all over the city.

This includes dogs pooping on whatever sidewalks they have around the city of Havana including the old Havana section which is the most touristy.  One fellow tourist remarked that if they are really trying to bring up tourism to Cuba and especially to Havana, then they should make better efforts to make sure that tourists to do have to step on dog poop accidentally.

They should definitely get a program going to educate the dog owners of what is acceptable dog housetraining and what isn’t.  There isn’t much green space within the old Havana section so the residents should definitely be encouraged or even enforced to adopt a pick up after your dog bylaw.  After all, we have such bylaws in existence here in Canada.

The Havana region would have been perfect for dog housetraining indoors with litter boxes too.  This is just starting to become accepted by the pet industry in North America (although I’ve been doing this since 1979).  So it is doubtful that Cuba will even see this way of housetraining dogs anytime soon.

If the Cubans and the French for that matter, did modify their dog housetraining habits to keep the streets clean for both residents and tourists, it would make a huge difference in the perception of their city streets.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: zronnyz

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