Crate Training Puppies To Dog Litterbox Well Suited For Canada

Crate Training Puppies

One of the most effective tools to speed up dog housetraining is crate training puppies in regular intervals of time, especially when you can’t watch over them.  They have the natural instinct not to soil the area where they sleep.  When you combine crate training with a dog litterbox indoors, you have a great dog housetraining system very well suited for Canada.

This is because in Canada, we have a couple of months of cold, snowy winter where in many instances, it’s ideal to have dogs use a dog litterbox indoors instead of having to go outside in the freezing cold.  Of course, this is also true for all other areas around the world where there are cold winters as well.

Indoor Dog Litterbox Perfect In Canada

Up here in Canada, the concept of using an indoor dog litterbox or something very similar is starting to get around to many Canadian dog owners.  Many of the pet stores like Petsmart are beginning to stock indoor potty devices and dog litterboxes.  If Purina can get their act together and make their wonderful Second Nature dog litter product available up here, this will be even better as it would really accelerate the usage of an indoor dog litterbox here in Canada.

Whether a dog litterbox or other similar device, the actual dog housetraining will be the same.  And this includes crate training puppies.  The crate itself is still very useful long after a puppy is fully housetrained whether indoors or outdoors.

My dogs use their crates to take naps in and also that’s where they sleep overnight as their own beds.  They will likely sleep in a crate for life since it is the most comfortable place for them especially when outfitted with a nice fluffy pillow inside.

To learn more about crate training puppies as well as how to combine it with a dog litterbox, see my webpage and video on potty training dogs indoors.  I expect that this system will become a very popular way for dog owners to housetrain their dogs here in Canada.

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