Crate Training Puppies For Extreme Cold Winter Days

Crate Training Puppies

Many new dog owners choose a process of crate training puppies as part of the overall process for house training dogs. The use of a dog crate is very effective to help speed up this training.  However, most dog owners still use crates to train their dogs to go outdoors only for elimination.

This might be okay for warmer climates but up here in Canada and the US states where winters can be very cold, another issue pops up.  Yesterday here was a great example.   It was about minus 10 degrees Celcius which is about 14 degress Farenheight.  On top of that, there was a very bitter wind chill making things feel like minus 20 Celcius or minus 4 degrees F.

When I took my two lhasa apso dogs Chester and Roxie out in the back to play with their Maltese neighbour yesterday afternoon, I noticed something interesting.  Taking them out for a normal walk was definitely out of the question because of the cold so we would just go in the back to play for a bit of exercise and fresh air.

Well, yesterday was one of the extreme winter cold temperature days and all three dogs very quickly lost interest in playing.  All three were raising one of their paws.  Sometimes it was a front paw and sometimes it would be a back paw.  This meant that their feet were cold.

This is something to look out for in your dog when outside in the winter.  When this happens, you should bring them indoors as soon as possible since they are not comfortable.  After all, imagine yourself waking in snow or ice in your bare feet!

My two dogs know the phrase ‘go home’ so I kind of asked them if they wanted to go home.  Both immediately rushed back inside the house.   So yesterday was a day when it was just too cold for all the dogs so playtime was cut short.

Dog owners who just trained their dogs to go outdoors of course must still go outside even for a bit to let their dogs do their business.  This doesn’t have to be like this if crate training puppies was done in a way to include the use of an indoor dog litter box like my two dogs were.

Crate Training Puppies With Dog Litter Box Expands Options

Today will be just as cold as yesterday so we won’t even bother with any time outside.  The fact is that crate training puppies with a dog litter box just expands options for you and your dog.  On such extreme cold days like this, we don’t have to go out at all, even to let the dogs outside to do their business.  This is because they can simply stay inside and use their indoor dog litter box instead.

To get more information on how this is possible for you and your dog, see Potty Training Dog With Dog Litter Box.

crate training puppies dog litter box
Creative Commons License photo credit: The Story Lady

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