Crate Train A Puppy For Car Rides

Crate Train A Puppy

To crate train a puppy was part of the overall process in teaching it how to use an indoor dog litter box. This type of training was so successful for my own two dogs that not only do they know where to go do their business when inside the house, I think it also had an effect for car rides as well.

My two dogs, two siblings from the same dog litter, are now five years old and they have never had any accidents inside my car. They seem to know the phrase ‘car ride’ because whenever I say that phrase, they go to the garage door. They both love car rides and when inside the car, they know where they go, ie., the back seats.

Crate Train A Puppy Has Advantages

When they are out on car rides, sometimes I park at a shopping mall and do some errands or banking. They always wait in the car for me of course. I’ve even taken them on day trips where I had speaking engagements to do and they would be waiting in my car while I did my speaking programs.  I think this reveals one of the advantages when you crate train a puppy.

In our case again, my dogs have never had any accidents in my car while they waited for me. So the car has become much like the process when crate training dogs in a sense that they see the car as a larger version of a crate now. It’s a place to sleep or just be comfy while watching the outside world while waiting for me. It’s not a place to do their business as my dogs know that there will be opportunities either when I let them go outside the car or when we return back home when they can go to their dog litter box.

Of course, we should never use the car this way until you crate train a puppy successfully inside the house first. Once dogs are trained either to use an indoor dog litter box or just go outdoors all the time, then you never have to worry about your car being soiled.
crate train a puppy dogs car
Creative Commons License photo credit: Martyn Hutchby

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