Costs Of Surgical Removal Of Cysts On Dog

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Surgical Removal Of Cysts On Dog

During the last blog post, I reported that my dog Chester went through minor surgery to remove some lumps and bumps on his back.  We also did a biopsy on some of these bumps to find out if they were cancerous or not.

Fortunately, my vet called me a few days after the surgery and the lab results of the biopsy turned out that the lumps and bumps were just cysts rather than cancerous tumours.  This of course is a great relief!

He said that Chester will likely have more such cysts in the future and when enough of them grow, then they can also be removed just like this time.  Although the recovery from surgery was pretty quick, the vet costs are not so insignificant.

Surgical Costs Of Cysts Removal

Here is the summary of vet costs associated with this procedure.

Pre-surgery bloodwork = $117
Antibiotic injection = $29
Fluid maintenance during anesthetic – $83
Histophathology (biopsy) = $110
Anesthetic for first 20 minutes = $235
Anesthetic for extra 40 minutes = $172
Surgery = $375
Dental cleaning = $80
Professional day care = $40

With HST taxes added in, the total came out to be $1,402.33.  The dental cleaning is usually something that vet clinics do on a routine basis if there is an opportunity under a general anesthetic.  Although Chester’s teeth were not too bad due to regular brushing we do at home, they decided to do some touchups and polishing.

So the costs are not cheap and they are partly due to the number of cysts that Chester had (several) which in turn, required longer time for both anesthetic and surgery.

So the vet fees paid for this procedure plus the Cherry eye surgery back in November together are quite high given that these were within the last 12 months.  But of course, Chester’s health is of prime importance so cost is not an issue.

The sutures themselve look pretty gruesome as shown in the above photo of Chester’s back post surgery.  But despite this Frankenstein look, he’s actually okay and in good spirits.  It’s just that he’s not really allowed to play with his doggie friends for awhile until the sutures get removed in two weeks.  Plus judging from how fast hair grows back on Lhasa Apsos, he will have a full coat again pretty quickly.


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