Corticosteroid Eye Drops Worked For Cherry Eye

#dog #dogs #doghealth —  Well, looks like the corticosteroid eye drops prednisolone worked this time on Chester.  He developed cherry eye again on the weekend and I started him on these new drops on the second days after finishing up with the old ointment on the first day to see if the first meds were still effective.

Then yesterday morning, while Chester still woke up with an existing cherry eye, we went out for a car ride since I was scouting for new locations around town to shoot my Clint Cora Motivational WebTV shows.  At some point during the trip, I looked back to see how both of my dogs were doing in the car and I thought that the cherry eye was gone.

When we got back home and checked for sure, the cherry eye on Chester had certainly regressed.  This was good news since the last bout took about two and a half weeks.  This new prednisolone drops are a stronger medication in terms of anti-inflammatory agent compared to the ointment.

I just don’t like the cost of these drops that the vet charged me.  I see that the online pet pharmacy prices for the same medication are significantly cheaper.  But for now, I’m just glad to see Chester’s normal beautiful eye again as well as averting eye surgery once more.

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