Consider Illness When Potty Training Puppies

Potty Training Puppies

Yesterday, I could hear my neighbour coughing in the backyard area.  He was all bundled up as it was an unusually windy day up here in Canada which made the wind chill seem much colder than the actually winter temperature was.  He was not enjoying it out there but he had to be because he was bringing his dog outside to do his business.  My neighbor should have considered the possibility of illness when he was researching about potty training puppies.

To make matters worse, his Maltese dog didn’t exactly go do his thing right away.  After all, sometimes they are ready yet just like how us humans can’t always do our business whenever somebody else wants us to!  So it was not a quick session outdoors either as he had to wait.

Nobody Else Was Available For The Dog

I met him out in the back to be social and he said that after this outdoor session, he will have to go out to the pharmacy to pick up some more medicine since not only is he sick, but his wife and kid are too.  The entire family is sick so nobody would have been available to take the dog out except for him anyway.  He’s usually the default person in the family with main responsibility for this sort of thing even though he’s already coughing away.

You can bet that he wishes that he didn’t have to go outdoors now and that he should have considered a better alternative when thinking about potty training puppies like his Maltese, which would have been a perfect candidate for using an indoor dog litter box.

It’s examples like this scenario that really prove why the option of using an indoor dog liter box is so attractive in potty training puppies.  Bad weather and illness of the dog owner are two separate reasons why indoor options are good but when you combine them together like this incident, it makes the dog litter box route the only feasible way.

To get more information so you won’t have to suffer like my neighbour does, see my webpage on potty training puppies.  A basic dog training video is also available at the sidebar of this blog.

Winter Wonderland
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