Are You Committed To Keep Your Dog In Shape?

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Keeping Your Dog In Shape

We just had a nice hike at Kelso Conservation Area which is where Glen Eden Ski Resort is in Milton, Ontario.  Since this conservation features a ski area, we always choose to hike up one of the ski slopes as part of the hike.  This of course is great exercise in to keep our dogs in shape too.

In fact, the initial part of this Kelso hike is going up one of the ski slopes since most of the hiking trails are at the top of the escarpment.  This is a good thing too for both people and dogs as the toughest part of the hike is right at the beginning with this slope climb.

Then the rest of the hike is through the woods with some nice lookout points at the top of the escarpment showing great views of Glen Eden and Kelso north side.  We can also see the highway 401 from the top as well.

After the hiking trails at the top of the escarpment, we hike back down another ski slope back to the parking lot at the bottom.  This hike took us two hours and my Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie had no problems doing the full two hours it took to do it.  We took several water breaks of course since it was getting a bit hot but fortunately most of the hike is in the woods shaded from the sun.

Commitment To Keep Your Dog Fit

I am very proud of my dogs Chester and Roxie as they are both 11 years old now but had no problems with this Kelso hike including the intial ascent up the ski slope.  We made it up faster than most of the other hikers in our group.  Sometimes other dogs who are younger than Chester and Roxie, need to be carried part way through these hikes as they don’t have the stamina and fitness that my dogs have, even at their age.

It has always been a major commitment of mine to keep my dogs fit for as long as possible.  This includes maintaining a healthy diet without overfeeding them, especially with junk food as well as plenty of exercise.  We go out as much as we can when the weather is good and we do stairs inside when the weather is not good out there.

With our Small Dogs Outings Meetup group, we keep our dogs in shape with others on our dog walks too.  So in addition to the physical fitness aspect, our dogs also benefit from the social and mental fitness elements as well when they are on group dog walks.

Our dogs give so much to us.  So it is my belief that in addition to providing a safe and happy home for them, we should also be totally committed to keeping our dogs in shape.  Ask yourself honestly if you are doing everything you can to keep your dog in shape.   If not, determine what you can do whether it’s to get out there more often with your dog or to hire somebody else to help you.

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