Clickbank Affiliates Get Housebreaking Puppies With Dog Litter Pan Product To Promote

Unique Pet Product For Clickbank Affiliates

Being a Clickbank affiliate is free and easy as you just have to go to their website to sign up.  Then you can promote thousands of different digital products and earn commissions on them.  If you have a website or blog about pets and especially dogs, my book on housebreaking puppies with a dog litter pan will be a great unique pet product to promote.  You would be providing a wonderful service to your pet readers as this book gives them a way to train their puppies on using a dog litter pan.

Using this method like I do with my own two dogs, one can stay indoors during bad weather and there is no longer a rush to get home in time to take a dog outdoors to eliminate.  There is so much freedom and flexibility with this method of housebreaking puppies.

Even if you don’t have a website or blog, you can still earn commissions as a Clickbank affiliate by utilizing a special link called a hoplink that Clickbank provides.  You simply send this hoplink to your email network of existing and potential dog owners.  If they end up ordering my book on housebreaking puppies with a  dog litter pan, the system will recognize you as the affiliate referral and credit you for the commissions on sales of this pet product.

My Topic Categories For Clickbank Affiliates

On top of this great opportunity as a Clickbank affiliate for my pet product, there are also my products in two other topic categories that you can promote with the same hoplink if you desire.  So if you want, you can actually have access to promote and earn commissions on my products from three different topic categories so far.

My topic categories for Clickbank affiliates are pets/dogs, pharmaceutical sales careers and personal development/self help.  For more information on being a Clickbank affiliate for my dog book (and other products), check the affiliate information webpage I have.

Update: note that this dog training title has since been moved to its own Clickbank hoplink while my other titles remain on a separate hoplink.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: doctorwonder

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