Clickbank Affiliate Program Info For Dog Potty Training Book

#clickbank #affiliate #affiliatemarketing  — Since my new book on indoor dog potty training with a litter box is a digital product (and unique in a growing field), there is now a dedicated webpage for Clickbank affiliates.  This is actually my fifth digital product that I have available on Clickbank and therefore for affiliate marketers who sell digital ebooks on their websites.

If you have a pet or dog website, you should consider adding my new book ‘Potty Train Your Puppy With A Litter Box – Convenient House Training Indoors For Dogs’ on your site as the payout is 50%.

I even have created a special ebook ad that will work well for pet websites (see below).  For more information on being a Clickbank affiliate, see my special webpage for Clickbank Affiliate Program Information.

Clickbank is the world’s largest online retailer of digital products so they have an excellent reputation and affiliate marketers have been known to make a lot of money selling ebooks and other digital products on their websites.

Not only do you get to sell my new dog potty training book, but you can have access to all of my digital products as well for selling on your websites since they are all on the same Clickbank account.

So do check out the affiliate info link above whether you have a website, blog or even can email the information about my dog book to people via email.  You can still make money this way as well and my book is a great product to promote to help you earn some extra income.

Update: note that this dog training title has since been moved to its own Clickbank hoplink while my other titles remain on a separate hoplink.

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