Christmas Season Will Involve Potty Training Puppies

Christmas Season Puppies

Although I strongly urged caution in the impulsive madness of giving live puppies as Christmas presents for children and family in my Puppies and Christmas blog post, there probably will be many cases around the world where there will be puppies found under the Christmas trees in homes this month.

Well, the reality of having real animals will soon — let me correct this — will quickly come clear as those cute little puppies start peeing and pooping on the family floors and carpets.  So might as well get prepared.

Not only will parents be busy preparing for the usual Christmas activities this month, but there will be other new things to do all of a sudden.

Potty Training Puppies

Yes, parents will all of a sudden have to learn about potty training puppies on top of an already busy Christmas season.  Now you didn’t really expect the kids to be responsible for this did you?

I might seem a bit negative but all professional dog trainers will agree with me that impulsive buying of puppies should never happen without proper research and preparation into dog ownership first.  This also includes learning about potty training puppies too among other things.

Fortunately, there are resources to help new dog owners who might otherwise get some real surprises when they take the new puppy home for the first time.  I’ve done my part in producing a basic dog training video which everyone can access for free.  Just go to the blog sidebar or right at my dog website for more details.

As for the potty training puppies part, I also have a lot of useful information particularly in the training progression for dogs indoors which is an option that should be considered.  Just go to my potty training dogs webpage for more info on this.

Yes, even though the dog experts all caution about it, there will be Christmas puppies this season.  So might as well get properly prepared and educated so that they all end up as happy, success stories.

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