Christmas Holiday Season Shows Dogs Are Part Of Family –

small dogs part family santa christmas

Dogs Part Of Family

It’s been said that dogs are part of family and the Christmas holiday season shows this quite strongly.  Our small dogs Meetup group went to one of our local leash free dog parks in Mississauga to get photos taken with Santa again this year.  You figure that if us dog owners bother to take the time to get out there to have their pets get pictures with Santa, you can certainly tell that we consider our dogs to be just like our kids who deserve time with Santa much like human kids do.

And just like human kids, our dogs do not always cooperate with Santa!  My lhasa apso dog Chester is a great example.  Although we got a great shot of him and his sister with Santa last year, we were actually very lucky since seconds later, he decided he had enough and pushed off Santa’s lap.  So this year I decided to switch their places and have his sister Roxie sit on Santa’s lap instead.  I placed Chester on the bench beside Santa and this time he fully cooperated by actually staying put until I told him it was okay to jump down.  You can see our shot above.

Other Dogs As Family Members

Here are some of our other members of our small dogs group with their dogs who are all Chester and Roxie’s friends.  Again you can see the strong feeling of our members considering their dogs as part of their families.

small dogs meetup part of family christmas

Of course one of the requirements of having our dogs as family members is that they are trained well enough to be fairly respectable of our homes without destroying them or contents of our homes.  This is where a basic level of general dog obedience comes in.  Our free dog obedience training video starring Chester and Roxie is available through the links below as well as on the left side of this blog page.

Enjoy your Christmas holiday season with your dogs and families.

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