Chester’s Cherry Eye Update

#dog #dogs #doghealth  — Chester’s vet appointment was cancelled today since his cherry eye regressed last Friday and so far, his eye looks normal.  Our vet called me to discuss Chester’s situation and he couldn’t say what made the cherry eye regress all of a sudden after over two weeks.

He did say that if the original ointment didn’t work after about 4 days, it’s not really going to work at all.  He also doesn’t think the cherry eye in Chester’s case is a result of any eye infection since my boy has been getting episode after episode every couple of weeks.  So the active component that worked in the ointment before was definitely the anti-inflammatory part.

So I asked him if there was anything stronger than that ointment for a future cherry episode.  The vet said a cortisone drop solution would be stronger and we agreed that I’ll pick up a supply tomorrow and have it on hand in case Chester gets another episode.

I also asked him how much time should I give Chester for a future cherry eye to regress before bringing him in for possible surgery.  He said a month.  If I wait longer, the muscles around the gland will be weakened.  So for a future episode, I’m going to administer this cortisone solution and if Chester’s cherry eye doesn’t regress by week four, I will call the vet clinic for an appointment.

The vet also doesn’t think it would be worthwhile to take Chester for a consult with a animal eye specialist.  He thinks they will just recommend that the cherry eye be tacked via surgery.

So that’s where things sit with Chester’s case of cherry eye so far.  Nobody knows if it’s caused by an allergic reaction to something or not.  I know that during the past few weeks, my own allergies have been pretty bad but I doubt the allergens responsible for my allergies would be the same as for Chester.

Creative Commons License photo credit: angelbenutzer

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