Cherry Eye Surgery Averted For My Dog

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My dog Chester is in the phase where his dosage of BNPH ointment is down to twice per day and in a day, it will be down to once per day.  So far, his eye is looking great.  It’s so nice to see him with his normal eyes again.  So looks like with the success of the ointment treatment even after his last cherry eye episode where it stuck out for six days, surgery has been averted.

It will be interesting to see what my vet will have to say about possible cause since the ointment was so effective.  Also, we’ll need to know what happens from this point on.  I’m pretty sure that Chester will get cherry eye again for some reason.  Now if the ointment is always effective, then it could be as easy as applying it as soon as there are signs of cherry eye.

I don’t know yet if my vet will recommend a preventative strategy for cherry eye or not.  He might actually suggest that I have a constant supply of BNPH ointment at home but we’ll see in about two weeks when we go back for a follow up visit.

During this follow up visit, there’s a chance that both my dogs will get a booster of that new Lyme disease vaccine which I’m sure will result in some adverse reactions again, including another possible bout of cherry eye for Chester.  But armed with the ointment this time, things might be short lived.

Have anybody else had much success in preventing cherry eye with BNPH ointment?  I would love to hear about your experiences in the comments section.

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