Cherry Eye Regressed After Two Weeks

#doghealth #dog #dogs — My dog Chester’s cherry eye condition is just getting more weird all the time.  First of all, my vet says that Chester is an odd case because he’s five years old and this eye condition usually affects younger dogs.   He already has had several incidents of cherry eye.

Each time, the condition regressed on its own except for the time when I brought him into the vet and we were prescribed eye ointment which cleared things up immediately the same day.  After that bout, Chester got cherry eye again and with ointment once more, it regressed after two days.

The the latest incident is the most weird.  Even with ointment, his cherry eye stuck out for over two weeks.  We are pretty well out of ointment and already made an appointment to see the vet for next Tuesday.  Then all of a sudden, sometime late yesterday afternoon, Chester’s cherry eye regressed on its own once more by itself.

We have no idea what is setting this cherry eye off whether it’s an allergic reaction to something or not.  I have to admit that my own allergies have not been very good recently but I doubt that whatever is setting my off affects dogs.

But the thing I don’t understand at all is why after two weeks, Chester’s cherry eye regressed on its own.  If anybody has any insights, please comment below.

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