Cherry Eye Regressed After One Dose Of Ointment

#dogs #dog #doghealth —  Talk about weird.  My body Chester developed his latest episode of cherry eye on Saturday and we think this latest one had something to do with the new Lyme disease vaccine he and his sister got on Friday.  Normally, Chester would get an episode of Cherry eye maybe once every other month and it would regress after about 24-48 hours by itself.  He had a previous episode only about three weeks ago prior to his vet checkup last week so when this current one popped up, it surprised me since it was so sudden.  Again, we attributed it to the vaccine.

However, this time around, his cherry eye did not regress.  In fact, if got worse and bigger.  Also different this time was about two days ago, he started to get this white discharge from his eye.  So I got my vet clinic to squeeze me into an appointment since it was already day six.

The vet checked Chester’s eye out and decided to try this ointment called BNP which is a combination of three different antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory agent for eyes.  He applied one dosage right there at the clinic to show me how.  We were to try this ointment for four times per day for a week and if Chester’s cherry eye regresses, I can bring it down to once or twice per day for the second week until I bring him in again for a follow up visit.  We would then re-evaluate whether surgery would then be the next step.

Well, after we got home, Chester’s cherry eye regressed all on its own!  This was after just one dosage of BNP and after six days of non-regression too.  Very weird but of course, a much welcomed sight!

So I’ll keep on with the BNP ointment and adjust dosage if directed.  I’ll put a call into the vet clinic with the happy results to see how the dosage will be modified now.  So looks like surgery for cherry eye has been avoided for now.

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