Cherry Eye On Dog Has Been Drifting In And Out

Cherry Eye On Dog Update

It’s been awhile since I’ve reported on the status of my dog Chester with respect to his Cherry eye condition.  Cherry eye is when his third eyelid gland protrudes out from the inside corner of his eye, a condition that is not painful but unsightly for sure.

One thing we know for sure is that Chester’s Cherry eye if caused by some type of allergy, is definitely not from something outside since he had it during the winter time too.  For the first six months of this year, it would pop out every few weeks or so and I would push it back in.  Sometimes it would take me a day’s effort of trying to push it back in and it usually worked.

Cherry Eye Pops Out Every Few Weeks

Sometimes his Cherry eye popped out overnight and sometimes during the day.  Sometimes it would regress after I push it back inside while sometimes it just seemed to regress on its own.  According to my vet, this is quite unusual because Cherry eye usually happens with younger dogs, not five year old ones like Chester.  And when Cherry eye does happen, it usually stays out without regressing on its own.

However, for the past week or so, Chester’s Cherry eye has been out again and although I’ve been trying to push it back inside his eyelid as well as using the previous eye drops, we’ve been unsuccessful in regressing it.  I called my Lhasa Apso breeder to see if there has been any history of Cherry eye in Chester and Roxie’s lineage and she said in her entire career as a breeder, she’s had only two cases of Cherry eye and they were both puppies.

Both times, she had her vet tack the Cherry eye back inside and was successful.  I have a feeling that sooner or later, Chester is going to have to go through the same procedure at the vet which is a minor surgical one.  Although I’m not crazy about putting him through this, we probably will have to get this done.

Chester and Roxie will have their annual physical check out in a few weeks so we will see what the vet says at this point or if Chester’s Cherry eye regresses by then.  I’ll keep trying to push it back inside until then.  Good thing I trained Chester to cooperate which is actually part of basic dog obedience – see details of my free dog training video if interested.

cherry eye dog
Creative Commons License photo credit: Настя.

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