Cherry Eye In Dog Less Frequent

Cherry Eye In My Dog

Over the summer and fall, my dog Chester was getting quite frequent episodes of Cherry Eye.  But when if I recall during the last few months of 2010, he didn’t get them as much.  Ever since the end of October when my vet did this manual manipulation on his eye to tuck the lower eyelid over the protruding gland, Chester was pretty well Cherry Eye free.

He did get it again on Christmas Eve.  But I did the same manual manipulation on his eye like the vet did and it seemed to work right away.  We didn’t see another occurence until one morning early this month but after a few attempts tucking his eyelid over the gland again, the gland seemed to be back in its proper place under the eyelid.

Cherry Eye Related To Allergy

We had thought that maybe Chester’s Cherry Eye might be an allergy to something outside during the summer or fall.  But now that winter is here in Canada, if he still got these odd moments of Cherry Eye, maybe it’s something inside the house.

In any case, if all it takes is a simple manual manipulation to tuck the gland back in its proper place, I would be willing to just keep doing this without having to put Chester through a surgery.  I’m definitely going to discuss this with the vet the next time I see him.

Good thing that this manual manipulation doesn’t cause any pain to Chester’s eye.  The vet taught me to keep a finger at the top of Chester’s eyeball while using my other hand to push the lower eyelid over the gland.  Then I would push the entire gland with the lower eyelid covering it back down toward his nose.  It takes a few attempts but so far, I’ve been able to clear up Chester’s Cherry Eye on two separate occurences.

Good thing I taught Chester to stay put when I need him to.  This of course is part of the basic dog obedience training he and his sister went through.

Cherry Soap
Creative Commons License photo credit: Steve Snodgrass

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