Cherry Eye Has Regressed On My Dog

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After researching a bit on Cherry Eye in dogs yesterday, it was a bit disheartening to see that most vets recommend surgery as the only option to treat Cherry Eye. I really don’t want to put my dog through surgery if I can help it.

One particular YouTube video was interesting though as one guy who has a bulldog with Cherry Eye, showed how he massaged the eye to put the gland back in it’s place behind the eyelid. I tried this massaging technique on my boy Chester and even though he was more than cooperative (because of prior training with grooming), his Cherry Eye was still there.

I left in the late afternoon for an evening motivational speaking engagement up north and didn’t return home for about six hours.  By the time I got home, Chester’s Cherry Eye was all regressed.

So this was yet another incident where his Cherry Eye does seem to regressed in about 24 hours, much to my relief.  I’m pretty sure that it will come again though.

According to my research, Cherry Eye is fairly common especially with several types of dog breeds and even the odd cat.  Lhasa Apsos was one of the cited breeds that are prone to this eye condition.  However, Chester is the first dog I’ve ever had with Cherry Eye.  Both of my previous Lhasa Apsos, Pepper and Max, never got this condition – alth0ugh they were prone to other health issues like ear infections.

If you have a Cherry Eye story to share about your dog, please feel free to do so in the blog comment section or Facebook comment section below.

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