Checking Weight Level Of Your Dog For Pet Health

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Dog Weight Level For Pet Health

One of the most important pet health issues is the weight level and this is especially true for dogs.  Unfortunately, I see a lot of dogs out there who are overweight and this can lead to serious health issues.

My own two dogs Chester and Roxie have been a bit prone to gaining excess weight if we are not careful with their diet.  So I’ve switched them to a low fat formula pet food as well as keep their snacks limited to healthy treats like fruit, veggies and only small amounts of biscuits.

We are also quite good at getting out to exercise almost every day that the weather cooperates.  During bad weather days, we play indoors to get them active.

Monitor Dog Weight Levels

We also monitor their weight levels on a regular basis and my new video shows you how we do this.  Keeping their weight in check is very important for their health.

Here’s the new video

Adjust Food Intake And Exercise If Overweight

It is best to check with your vet to determine what is the optimal weight level for your dog.  If your dog is overweight, it is the owner’s fault for letting this happen.

If this is the case, then do everything in your power to adjust your dog’s food intake as well as exercise levels.  Change the food to healthy, low fat items and restrict the snacking allowed.  Increase the exercise level which would be good for you as well.

Keep monitoring the weight level to make sure that there is progress towards a healthy weight for your dog.  It’s not fair to your dog to allow its weight to be at unhealthy levels.

Dog health is much more important than giving in to your dog’s begging of unhealthy snacks and table scraps all the time.  Dogs don’t know better so you have to ensure that they keep healthy for them.

Share This Video For Pet Health

If you know of any dog (or other pet) owners who have overweight pets, you would be doing them as well as their pets a huge favour by sharing this blog post and video with them.

photo by: Magnus Bråth
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