Check If Your Dog Licks Inside Legs

#dog #dogs #pets  —  Yesterday, I took both of my dogs out to the woods for a nice walk which we do on the trails there several times per week.  In the middle of the walk, my boy Chester suddenly stopped and sort of licked the inside of one of his hind legs but only for a moment.  I didn’t think anything of it but I should have checked right away.

He did the same thing at home one or two times as well as this morning.  He spent a bit longer doing that this morning so I decided to check to see what’s going on.  Sure enough, he had one of those spurs from the woods stuck on the inside of his leg right underneath his belly which is why I didn’t notice.  It was pretty hidden.

So I trimmed it off with scissors to make him comfortable again.  This has taught me to check both dogs for those nasty spurs after walks in the woods.  Normally, if Roxie gets a spur, she will stop walking right away and just look at me.  This is good since it alerts me to the spur.

I would usually try to remove it right on the spot if I can.  Chester on the other hand, doesn’t quite do this as his sister does so this is why I missed the spur.  In fact, I even missed the spur during their evening brushing since I don’t normally do their undersides.

But perhaps I should check their undersides from now on especially again, after a romp in the woods where sometimes spurs are a common nuisance.  It’s probably a good idea to give a quick total body check anyway to not only check for spurs but also anything else like tangles and mats that should be removed as soon as possible before they get worse.

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