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Healthy Dog Treats

Most of us dog owners love to give our pets dog treats (and I’m sure they love it as well).  Unfortunately, many of the commercial dog treats are quite high in calories as well as many of the table scraps that some owners give their dogs.  This can result in overweight pets which is not good – see my post and video on checking weight levels of your dog.

Instead of relying on commercial treats or even having to take the labour to make your own, here’s a really cheap source of very healthy dog treats I’m sure that many people never even thought of.  In fact, it’s almost free!

If you are like me, somebody who eats an apple a day or in some cases, a pear, here is something to consider.  Most people who eat apples or pears simply throw out the cores when done.

Apple Cores A Source Of Healthy Dog Treats

Well, instead of tossing that apple core out right away, what I do is nibble on it more to extract some apple chunks.  As you can see in the new video below, there is a surprising amount of extra chunks that you can get from an apple core.  Just make sure that you don’t include any seeds.

Ingestion of seeds can result in potential cyanide poisoning so please makes sure that no seeds are present in any apple chunks you give to your pets.

The same thing with pears.  I always end up with a nice amount of pear chunks from the cores.

The fruit chunks themselves might not look much compared to a nice sized commercial dog biscuit but it doesn’t matter to my Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie.  They absolutely love these fruit chunks.

Our vet loves the idea as well since fruit like apples and pears have so few calories.  My dogs are always eager to do some dog training drills which I reward them with these fruit chunks, usually at lunchtime during the day (since that’s the time when I usually eat an apple or pear after lunch).

Healthy Dog Treats Become Dog Training Treats

So these fruit chunks become our dog training treats for the day.  The chunks are healthy and I didn’t pay any extra cost for them.  It’s like maximizing the use of an apple or pear.  And the daily dog training drills keep my dogs Chester and Roxie sharp with their obedience and skills.

See our new video on this below.

For basic dog obedience, see our free dog training video.

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