Cesar Millan Coming To Canada

#dog #dogs #dogtraining — TV dog trainer Cesar Millan is coming to Canada with a tour in late October and early November.  His tour website has him scheduled for Toronto on November 1 and Hamilton on October 30.

The website states that audience should not be bringing their dogs to the show as this is a show to train the dog owners rather than the dogs directly.  From what I can see, ticket prices range from about $38 to $89 depending on the seat level of the arenas.

I’m thinking of attending one of these shows but not the Toronto date since it is one the evening just before I leave for a trip overseas.  I may try to catch the Hamilton show instead on the weekend.

I think Cesar Millan will be doing his show in two parts with a presentation during a first half and then a second half to answer as many questions forwarded to him as much as possible.

Although I’ve been a dog owner for many years, I am sure that I can still use more education in dog training especially from a noted expert like Cesar Millan.  I’ve watch his TV show Dog Whisperer on occasion and love it.

I like his style of dog training as I’m sure many others do as well.  I like the idea of a show to train us dog owners since that’s where it all begins.  It’s training the dog owners before training the dogs themselves.

Many dog owners go through years without adequately training themselves as well as their dogs and it is quite obvious when we see them with their dogs out there.

I’ve done my share of the very basics of dog training by shooting a free video that everyone can access at the left sidebar of this blog or at the Training tab of my Life With Dogs and Puppies Facebook page.

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