Canadian Pet Stores Need To Go Beyond Puppy Training Pads

Beyond Puppy Training Pads

It’s amazing how Canadian pet stores have stocked up on puppy training pads but I really think that they have great opportunities to go beyond that product line for new dog owners of puppies still going through puppy housebreaking.   Both the smaller pet stores like PetValu and Global Pet Foods as well as the large ones like Petsmart, can take advantage of the colder Canadian winters up here.

Our cold winters lend themselves well to the concept of puppy housebreaking with an indoor dog litter box.  Unlike their counterparts in the US, most Canadian pet retailers have not jumped aboard this concept of using dog litter boxes yet as evidenced by the lack of good stock on their shelves.  This is indeed a huge missed opportunity for them.  It is also a lost opportunity for Purina and other brands that make dog litter box and dog litter products currently available in the USA.

I bet many Canadian dog owners would just love to stay indoors during really bad winter snow storms with their dogs if they could.  Most don’t even know that this is a possibility for them since nobody including the pet retailers publicize this fact.  See my article and video on No More Bad Weather Walks.

I’m probably among the few Canadian dog owners who did utilize this concept with our dogs and as a result, enjoy the benefits of staying indoors during bad weather days with our dogs.  In fact, I’ve been doing this since 1979 with my very first Lhasa Apso, Pepper. And we didn’t even use any puppy training pads.  To see my current Lhasa Apsos use a dog litter box on video, see the homepage of my potty training dog website.

Dog Litter Box Concept Will Work In Canada

This dog litter box concept will work great up here in Canada and particularly in the big cities like Toronto where highrise condos are sprouting up like crazy.  Again, this is a great opportunity for pet retailers if they only went beyond puppy training pads and stocked their shelves with dog litter and dog litter boxes as well.

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