Canadian Motivational Speaker Has Long Day Road Trip With Dogs

#dogs #dog — I’m doing a long day road trip with my dogs today.  I’m driving three and a half hours to a town called Sarnia in Ontario to first visit an old high school friend I haven’t seen since the mid ’80s and then off to do a speaking engagement as I put on my Canadian motivational speaker hat for their local HR association.  Instead of staying there overnight, we are driving right back home to Mississauga which is another three and a half hours.

The way I prepare for such a long day on the road with my dogs is that I searched out online and found the local dog park in Sarnia.  My dogs can easily take the three hours plus on the highway at a time.  They have taken six from Montreal to Toronto without any problems as they tend to sleep most of the way with a short stop at a highway service stop in between.

Once we hit Sarnia, we will go to the dog park so they can do their business and stretch out a bit.  Then it’s to visit my friend while they wait in the car.  Fortunately, the temperature is no longer hot so they will be quite comfortable in the car.  Otherwise, I wouldn’t bring them.

After the visit, I will probably feed them an early dinner since I will have brought all their dog dishes and food (plus water which I can always refill at a service stop).  Then off for a second visit to the same dog park just in case.

My Canadian motivational speaker event comes next as they wait and relax in the car again.  This will be at a nice golf and country club so the environment will be quite nice.  I may take them outside for a bit around a bush somewhere just before we hit the road for our return trip which I expect will be quite uneventful for my dogs.

I estimate that we will be back home a bit after midnight.  A long day for both this Canadian motivational speaker and his dogs.

Highway to ....
Creative Commons License photo credit: arunpnair

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  • Oh dogs are so stunning, i wish i could have my incredibly own family members of dogs. It would make my afternoon each day to see them have fun.