Breeder Uses Puppy Training Pads

Havanese Puppies From Breeder

I saw an ad in our local community newspaper yesterday as I was having my lunch since I tend to scan the entire paper as it’s not that big.  This particular ad was from a breeder offering Havanese puppies which are not that common among dog breeds, at least around here.  I’ve seen only one Havanese dog in recent years and that one was back in my Montreal neighbourhood where my two dogs Roxie and Chester were still puppies.

I recall the Havanese is not a very big dog as it is sort of on the same size or even smaller than my lhasa apsos.  There was this lady in the neighbourhood who apparently was part of this regional Havanese dog breed club of some kind.

Puppy Training Pads

One interesting thing that I caught in this particular classified ad I saw other than the fact that it was about Havanese puppies, was that the puppies were claimed to be trained on puppy training pads.  I’ve never heard of this before from a breeder as most tend to just use newspaper since puppy training pads are not as cost effective as plain old papers.

In any case, if one did get one of these Havanese puppies, it would be quite simply to progress the little dog from using puppy training pads to a dog litter box.  In my case, my two lhasa apsos didn’t even bother going through the stage of using puppy training pads as they went straight from newspapers to the dog litter box with some progressive steps.  I have written about puppy training pads before.

Getting these Havanese puppies trained to use a dog litter box would be ideal in this Canadian winter climate and given their size of breed, it would be easy to get a commercial dog litter box to fit them too.  If this sounds like a similar situation that you will have for your new puppy and if the idea of getting it trained to use a dog litter box too, then see my potty training dog website.  You will also find a great basic dog training video there that is for free.

Creative Commons License photo credit: moirawinder

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