BNPH Ointment Is Easy To Apply On Dogs

#doghealth #dog #dogs  —  So I put a call into my vet clinic yesterday to report the great news that the cherry eye on my dog Chester regressed after only one application of the BNPH ointment.  They called me back and said that instead of four times per day, I should decrease it to three times per day (eight hours apart) for three days, then to two times per day for the next two days.  After that, it’s once daily until Chester is brought back for reassessment in two weeks.

The BNPH ointment by the way is very easy to apply on dogs.  It’s just a matter of holding the upper eyelid up while squirting a line of ointment across the eye.  Then close the eyelids and gently massage the eye for a few seconds to distribute the ointment throughout the eye.  I’m assuming that this was able to reach the cherry eye just fine.

The BNPH has three different antibiotics which the BNP stands for and the H is a hydrocortisone anti-inflammatory.  I’m not sure which part, the antibiotics or the anti-inflammatory, was responsible for the quick regression of Chester’s cherry eye.  I know that at day six, his cherry eye looked pretty big and maybe even too big to go back under the eyelid.  So I think the anti-inflammatory did shrink it enough to regress it back under.

BNPH ointment is made by a vet pharmaceutical company called Vetoquinol.  The vet clinic charged about $28 for a 3.5 gram tube which I’m sure included a dispensing fee.  I checked with my usual online pet pharmacy to see if they carried this product and they do at just under $19.97 for the same tube.

If Chester had to be on this ointment long term, I could easily get BNPH through my online pet pharmacy.  I would order a few tubes either make the shipping charge worthwhile or beat it altogether.

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