Be Realistic About Christmas Puppies As Gifts

#puppy #puppies #dog #dogs #christmas  —  You may have seen the scenario either on TV or in real life where children wish for a new puppy for Christmas and then on Christmas eve or morning, the parents surprise the kids with guess what, a new puppy under the tree.  And everybody is so happy.

This scene might seem so cute.  The new puppy has a new home and loving family and the entire family is feeling joy.  But in real life, something else unfortunately becomes the end result.

Reality Of The Christmas Puppy

Mommy and daddy completely underestimated the high responsibilities of caring for a real live pet such as a dog, an untrained puppy to be exact.  The children are much too young to take direct responsibility for the puppy so the real work reverts back to the parents who are completely ignorant about dog ownership.

Pretty soon, the entire family learns that the once cute little Christmas puppy is not a soft bouncy toy but instead, a complete menace tearing everything up in sight, peeing and pooing everywhere in the house and making too much noise.  Does this sound familiar at all?

The kids have lost interest in the puppy since they can’t seem to control it and the parents are busy picking up after the dog.  After a few weeks or even less, the family surrenders and gives up the idea of having a dog at home.  The puppy is taken to the animal shelter as another unwanted animal.

Tragedy Of An Unwanted Dog

If the animal shelter cannot successfully get the puppy adopted by a new responsible family, it is euthanized.  This is a real tragedy that should never have happened.  It all started with the parents acting on impulse and giving into the kids’ wishes for a Christmas puppy without doing their research.

Dog ownership is one of the best things in life but it is high responsibility and requires the proper education of the dog owner first, not the puppy.  The humans have to be educated first before even acquiring the puppy.  Then the humans continue to learn as the puppies are trained at home and/or in a puppy obedience class run by professional dog trainers.

In my mind, I think prospective dog owners either at a pet store, the breeders or at the animal shelters, should provide proof that they are capable as responsible dog owners first before being allowed to take a dog home.

Education For Dog Owners

As far as the basics in dog obedience, I’ve put together a video demonstrating how to train your dog with some of the essentials and this is available for all for free at my dog website.  I can also help new dog owners potty train their new puppies using an efficient indoor method with a litterbox as well.

Visit my dog website for lots more information and videos.  Let’s not let the tragedy of turning Christmas puppies into unwanted animals happen.  It’s our responsibility to do the right research and get properly educated before bringing a new dog home.  Please share this post with anyone thinking about getting a Christmas puppy this season.  It’s a puppy’s life we are talking about here.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Kelly Finnamore

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