Be Careful With Overweight Dogs

#pets #pet #doghealth #pethealth  —– What a difference 1/4 cup of dog food makes!  My two lhasa apso dogs Chester and Roxie eat two meals per day and previously were taking 1/2 cup each meal.  With the only additional treats of one dog biscuit in the evening and some bits of fruit during training at midday, they were maintained at perfect weight levels – 20 pounds for Chester and about 18 for Roxie.  I thought that 1/2 cup looked really sparse so I increased it slightly to 3/4 cup each meal.  They were both weighed on the fancy electronic scale at the vet clinic this week while getting their heartworm blood tests done and they were both overweight dogs again!

Chester weighed in at 22 pounds while his sister was at 21!  This is only from a difference of 1/4 cup per meal.  And to add to that, they have been on the low fat weight control version of Inova dog food as well.

Well, looks like I have to cut their meal portions back to a strict 1/2 cup each meal from now on in order to bring their respective weights back to an acceptable level by the time they have their annual checkups in July.

As pet owners, we must be careful with overweight dogs.  Not that my two dogs are extremely overweight at a few pounds over the ideal weight unlike some obese dogs and cats out there but I didn’t like the direction they were potentially heading towards.  Overweight pets as any vet will tell you can lead to many health problems for them.

Pet owners who allow their animals to become overweight are negligent in regards to their pets’ health.  We should not allow obesity in our pets to happen.  It’s just not fair for them.  We might think it’s being nice to them by giving them as much food as they can eat including unlimited treats all day but we are actually doing harm to them.

We must always monitor our pets’ weight levels on a regular basis to ensure that they are maintained at weights recommended by our vets.

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