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Dog Socialization Video

Happiness is getting ten of our small dogs together and that’s exactly what we did just this past weekend.  This is an awesome example of dog socialization as you will see in the video below.  Our Small Dogs Meetup group is winding down our fall season of weekend outings which are usually two hour hikes at nature trails.

This past weekend we went to 16 Mile Creek in Oakville, Ontario.  We do a nice loop which starts at a free parking lot with the trail that has several parts where we climb up and down through a valley.  So it’s a good hike for both humans and dogs but since it’s in a valley that can trap hot air, we recommend that this destination be hiked during spring and fall seasons rather than the summer when things can get too hot in the valley.

We shot video footage of our small dogs outing and all ten of our dogs here have met each other at least a few times already since they are our regular members of our Meetup group.  You can see that they socialize and run around with each other with a high level of comfort.  This is in contrast to those poor dogs out there that have not been socialized.

I’m sure that we have all seen dogs that get nervous with all other dogs in sight and/or bark at any dogs that come within a certain distance.  These dogs unfortunately have lives without the company of other dogs simply because their owners never gave them enough opportunities to meet and learn to socialize with other dogs.

This is really too bad because dogs are naturally social creatures that enjoy being in packs but if dog owners shield them away from other dogs especially during puppyhood, this natural instinct is disrupted and the only pack they will accept is their human family.

These days, dog socialization is encouraged as early as possible with puppy socialization classes sometimes referred to as puppy kindergarten.  My Lhasa Apso dogs Chester and Roxie took puppy kindergarten and one series of dog obedience training classes but never really got involved much with other organized dog groups until we started our own.

Small Dogs Meetup Group

We did make friends with some neighbours who had small dogs so for a few years, their social lives were with a few neighbourhood dogs which was great.  This maintained their dog socialization through their early years and when we started our Small Dogs Outings Meetup group, things really took off as Chester and Roxie gained quite a few more regular doggie friends they see quite often.

You can see from the video below just how comfortable and happy all the dogs are.  Sometimes they run around with each other and sometimes they can be seen all checking out various interesting things they find on the nature trails.  The breaks we take during our dog outings are like small dog parties.

This type of environment is totally possible for your dog too if you take the efforts to introduce your pet to a social atmosphere.  Just think of how much more enriched their lives will be if they had a regular group of doggie friends to enjoy the outdoors with. For Chester and Roxie, I want to give them all the opportunities to be with their friends on a regular basis since I know just how much value they get from a healthy dog social life.

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