Ask Your Vet Clinic For Stool Sample Containers

#dog #dogs #pets #doghealth  — All these years of owning dogs and having to collect stool samples every year so that the vet clinic can check for worms, I always brought them into the clinic in whatever container I could find.  Sometimes these would be empty prescription containers I just happen to have and if I run out of them (since I rarely take prescription meds anyway), then I will actually have to use plastic grocery bags.

Then I thought last year, with the prices that vet clinics charge for lab testing, they should certainly give me some plastic containers to use for collecting stool samples.  So starting last year, that’s what I did.  I went into the vet clinic and asked for some containers and they gladly gave them to me.  I don’t know why this took so many years for me to realize this.

I was passing by my vet clinic yesterday after a planning day at the library (see my motivation tv show which recommends this as my two dogs guest star).  So I went in and told them that I would like two more containers since my dogs are coming in on Friday for their annual checkups.  The clinic reception had containers right at reception.

I usually like to collect the stool sample the day before the appointment just in case my dogs don’t have a bowel movement the morning of their appointment.  I don’t know if I’m the only dog owner who never thought about asking the vet clinic for containers to make life easier.  If you are in the same spot as I was, always looking for something at home to collect your dog’s stool samples, then don’t bother anymore.  Just go to your vet clinic for them.  You are paying more than enough in vet bills so the least they could do is give you a few plastic containers.

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