Another Sign Of Summer For Dogs

#dog #dogs  — Summer is indeed coming with the warmer temperatures and in fact, Toronto actually issued heat alerts in the last week with record May temperatures.  These days were way to hot outside to take my dogs for their walks at least until sundown.  It’s a good thing that they got their summer haircuts prior to this heat wave.

An interesting observation I noticed is seeing where my dogs choose to lie around at home.  During the winter, they like to be on the sofa or carpet areas of the house since they are warmer than say the ceramic floors which can get a bit cold up here in Canada.

But the situation has reversed for the summer.  I see that both of my dogs are choosing to stay on the ceramic tiles more often since they probably appreciate the cooler flooring compared to the carpeted areas.

Also at night, they are not spending as much time in their crates – they have the freedom to come in and out of their crates whenever they want.  Instead, they often like to sleep on my master bathroom floors where the ceramic tiles are and also out in the hallway where it’s closer to slightly opened windows.

I remember last summer when there was one day it was so hot, that my girl Roxie actually wrapped herself around the toilet in order to cool off!  It hasn’t come to that just yet this year.

My house does have air conditioning and even though I really don’t need it, I do turn it on for my dogs when they really need it.  If I notice that they are panting even inside the house, that’s when I know they are too hot and it’s time to turn the AC on.

Even when the dogs go out in the deck that faces my back yard, they are not spending much time outside.  They often want to come back inside fairly quickly especially if it’s sunny.  The dogs are really great natural thermometers.

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