Another Example Of Dog Crate Training With Litterbox Training Success

Dog Crate Training Success

When my Lhasa Apso dogs were just puppies, I had utilized dog crate training as part of the overall process of indoor dog litterbox training.  This system has worked so well that it allowed much more freedom for myself than compared to other dog owners who traditionally housetrained their dogs to go outside only.  With traditional housetraining, dog owners must go out with their dogs a few times per day on a regular basis in all sorts of weather conditions.

In our case, we don’t have to do that.  We go out only when the weather is nice and for fun only.  I also don’t have to rush home from somewhere just to get my dogs outside since they simply just use the indoor dog litterbox whenever they need.  This training process was speeded up using dog crate training in conjunction with litterbox training.

Dog Litterbox Training Came In Handy

Last night was a perfect example of when indoor dog litterbox training really came in handy.  I normally get up once per night to go to the washroom.  This is a habit I’ve had ever since I was a kid and continue to do so.  This is usually around 3 am or so when I do my overnight washroom break.

Shortly afterwards before I totally fell asleep again in bed, I heard one of my dogs in the indoor dog litterbox as I could hear the slight sounds of dog feet moving around on top of the dog litter.  Then I heard the dog come back into the bedroom and climb back into one of the dog crates.  I glanced over at my clock radio and it was 3:30 am.

Sure enough, one of my dogs, I guessed it was my boy Chester, had taken a big dump in the dog litterbox in the middle of the night.  I’m glad that I had provided the dog litterbox for my dogs because I certainly wouldn’t have wanted either of my dogs to have to hold things in for another few hours until morning to take them out.  If they have to go, I want them to have easy access to a dog litterbox, even while I’m in bed.

This is exactly what happened last night so that’s why I consider this to be yet another example of dog crate training plus dog litterbox training success.  This type of success is also possible for you and your dog as well.  More information is at my Potty Litterbox Training Dog webpage.

dog crate training dog litterbox training
Creative Commons License photo credit: hj_west

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