An Inspirational Dog Training Story With Two Legged Dog

#dog #dogs #dogtraining #pets —  Well, have I got a real inspirational dog training story to share with you today.  I’ve been extremely inspired this week after seeing videos about a Labrador – Chow mix dog named Faith.  This is a really inspirational story of perseverance as well as, faith, as the name suggests.

Faith was left to die by her mother at two weeks old since she was born with a significant deformity of having no front legs.  But a family rescued her and decided to train her to use her existing back legs to walk.  Now, Faith is the only known dog in the world that walks on two legs full time.

This is such an amazing example of courage.  Faith has been on numerous TV shows including Oprah and Montel.  She inspires everyone wherever she goes as she proves that just because one may not be ‘complete’ physically, it doesn’t mean that one can’t continue to do awesome things in life.

I also salute the family who took the time to give Faith a chance in life and the determination to care as well as train her so that this dog can lead a full life.

Here is a video clip of Faith when she appeared on Oprah.

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I hope that this story about Faith the two legged dog was as inspirational to you as it was for me this week.

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  • Now this dog is scheduled to visit wounded troops in Afghanistan. Incredible!