An Easy Way To Give Your Dog A Bath

Easy Dog Bath Way

To me, it’s amazing how some dog owners find giving their dogs a bath to be such a horror story.  It’s something that some people dread so much that they take their dogs to the groomers for bathing.  But dog baths do not have to be that difficult if dogs are only trained early on as puppies.

I’ve never had any problems with dog baths.  I started out giving my first dog Pepper baths in the laundry room sink.  Then when I moved out to a highrise condo, we simply used the bathroom tub.  He and his friend Max quickly learned that I didn’t like it when they jumped out of the tub.  They learned that they had to stay in the bathtub until I let them out.

When I finally moved into a place with a walkin shower stall, things became even easier than ever.  With a closed glass door, they could not escape!  My current dogs Chester and Roxie learned that the shower stall is the place to get clean.

Economical Way Of Dog Bathing

A shower stall is an economical way of dog bathing as well.  I jump into the shower along with my two dogs and get them all wet.  Then I turn off the water to shampoo them all up.  Turn the shower back on and repeat with a diluted hair conditioner rinse.  It’s almost like washing your hair!

Then since I’m in the shower anyway, I take my own after the dogs are all rinsed off.  After I’m done, I let them out to the bathroom floor which is covered with towels.  The dogs are also trained to stay still during the blowdryer session.

Using this method to bathe your dog is so easy and saves water at the same time.  You just have to train your dog to accept the shower stall as well as the blowdryer.  Of course, it’s best to start dogs off while they are young.

All such skills should be taught young much like puppy potty training.

Shower Stall with Kitty Curtain
Creative Commons License photo credit: joanna8555

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