Almost Forgot Sentinel Heartworm Meds

#dogs #dog #doghealth  — It’s the beginning of August and for many dog owners, it will be the next dosage of heartworm prevention meds for their dogs.  I almost forgot as I didn’t give my two dogs their Sentinel heartworm meds last night so I made sure that I put the tablets out for this morning.

My two dogs are on Sentinel green and unlike what the product claims with their flavoured tablets, both of my dogs will not take the tablets in whole.  They will lick the coating off and leave the tablet.

So what I have to do is cut the Sentinel tablets into little pieces, some almost to a powder form and sprinkle it within their dog food. That’s the only way to get them to take the Sentinel heartworm medication successfully.

Even that, if the tablet pieces are too still too big, they have been known to leave them in their dog dishes while all their dog food is eaten.  So I really have to make those pieces small enough that they will finish all of their Sentinel dosage with their meals.

I have made reminders for myself to give them their heartworm prevention meds at the beginning of each month on my calendar through to Novemember now so hopefully I won’t forget next time.

If you live in a heartworm territory (and your vet should be able to advise you on that), it is well recommended to put your dog on heartworm prevention therapy each season.  In our case here in southern Ontario, the heartworm season runs from June to November.

All of the online pet pharmacies stock heartworm prevention medications including the brand that my two dogs are on which is Sentinel.  In fact, you would save some money by getting your heartworm meds through that route rather than directly from your vet clinic – just click on the link for more details on my experiences with the pet pharmacies.

sentinel heartworm prevention meds

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