Adult Dog Training Continues With My Dogs

Adult Dog Training After Puppy Housebreaking

My two lhasa apso dogs Chester and Roxie started their training in obedience and in puppy housebreaking right from day one when I first got them.  They both learned very quickly as we had training sessions daily.

Now that they are fully grown, their adult dog training continues in order to keep their skills sharp.  If you see my basic dog training video which is for free by the way, you will see a section where you watch how I drill my dogs with everything they have learned.  We go through such drills each day.

Dog Training Drills Maintain Order

These training drills not only help refresh their memories on certain things they were taught, the exercises also serve to help maintain order in the pack of the household where I am their alpha leader.

The drills might sound harsh on paper but they really aren’t.  If you see these drills on my video, you will see that the dogs and I have a lot of fun doing these.  It gives them a lot of mental stimulation as well which is required for good dog mental health.

In fact, my dogs are quite enthusiastic about training time which for us is usually after my lunch at home when I am willing to use bits of my apple as rewards during these drills.  We also do another set of drills but more focused on stay and come commands if we go outdoors late in the afternoons for walks.

So adult dog training continues each day this way.  We have the option of taking formal advance obedience classes too in the future but they tend to do a lot of agility activities which I’m not particularly interested in for my own dogs.  But we’ll see.

In the meantime, whether your dog is a puppy or a grown adult, my basic dog training video is a good baseline to refer to.  For more information on how you can access this free video, just go to the left sidebar of this blog or my dog website where you will find additional info on puppy housebreaking as well.

Creative Commons License photo credit: _dChris

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