Adult Dog House Training Case

Adult Dog House Training Case

One of my readers of my book ‘Potty Train Your Puppy With A Litter Box – Convenient Indoor Housetraining For Dogs‘, told me that he will apply the method described in the book for a very interesting case.  He lives in Alaska where the winters are of course harsh.  He already has an adult dog who has been traditionally house trained to go outdoors.

There will be another dog, also an adult one, joining his household in Alaska soon.  This reader decided that with two dogs, it would really be nice if they could be trained to use an indoor dog litter box instead of have to go outside in the cold Alaskan winter all the time.  So this will be a very interesting adult dog house training case.

Adult Dog House Training Is Possible

Teaching mature dogs to use an indoor dog litter box is not impossible.  In fact, it’s been done and is a good thing since not only is there the bad weather issue, older dogs with less mobility in the future will benefit with the use of an indoor dog litter box as an option.

It just takes time and consistent effort to go through adult dog house training indoors.  It’s like teaching them a new skill so that they not only can go outdoors, but can also use a dog litter box indoors when required.  Again, I stress that it will take time but is not impossible for adult dogs.

Dogs are smart so picking up new skills like in the case of adult dog house training indoors with a dog litter box is not impossible.  Use the right system as outlined in my dog litter box training book and success will come.

Timing is perfect for my reader as well.  He has all spring, summer and fall to train both of these dogs so that they are all reader for next winter in Alaska.  Hard work will pay off nicely when they relax in the warm comforts of home during a freezing cold Alaskan winter day next season.

adult dog house training dog litter box
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