Added New Photos To Potty Training Puppies Video

Potty Training Puppies Video

I added some additional photos to my main potty training puppies video at my dog website.  There is a section with bullet points that describe the various elements of my potty training puppies indoors system.  I decided to mix in some photos I had of my two dogs when they were puppies when I first started potty training them with an indoor puppy litter box.

I think the video now is more entertaining than before and just as educational about the system.  This video, although embedded here on this blog post, is featured at my main webpage on potty training puppies.  This webpage has accompanying text for those who like to read up on this information as well as watch the video.

Puppy Litter Box Training

This winter has proven to be one of those seasons where indoor puppy litter box training was certainly appreciated by not only myself but many other dog owners who live in snow belts.  We had some really bad days where our locations were virtually shut down because of the sudden snow storms.  These are the days when we would really like to stay indoors with our dogs.

Potty training puppies with a system that utilizes some type of puppy litter box makes perfect sense for many dog owners and the training progression that I used personally for my dogs is now available at my main potty training puppies webpage.

If you would like to see the new version of the video for that page, it is reproduced right here below.  It has both my dogs in it starting with my boy Chester for most of the video and ending with my girl Roxie who has the top of her hair done up to differentiate them on video.  They do look kind of the same since they are brother and sister.

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