It’s Great To Have Dogs Potty Trained Indoors With A Litterbox

#puppy #puppies #dog #dogtraining #puppytraining  —  Today is a perfect day as an example when it’s great to have my #dogs potty trained indoors with a litterbox.  I have to get to the other far side of the greater Toronto area up to Stouffville tonight.  I have a speaking engagement up there as a motivational speaker.

There is no fast easy way to get up there without taking the dreaded main highway 401 that goes over the top of the city.  This highway as all people in Toronto and Ontario know, is absolutely crazy in rush hours.   Therefore, to avoid most of the 401 rush hour, I will have to leave my town Mississauga by mid to late afternoon and get up close to the Stouffville area before the traffic gets too heavy.

Everything that I normally do at home must be pushed early.  This includes walking my dogs and my exercise workout.  Then I don’t know how late things are going to get tonight.  So my dogs will have to eat their dinners earlier as well just before I leave this afternoon.

These shifts in time and activities fortunately do not affect whether I have to take them out for elimination or not.  They are both completely potty trained indoors with a litterbox so they can go whenever they want inside the house.  This is one less thing I have to worry about.

While other dog owners have to rush back home to get their dogs outside, I won’t have to do that.  I can take my time and not worry about the dogs.  When they have to go, they will simply go to the litterbox when I’m not at home.

I’m writing a new book on how to potty train dogs indoors with a litterbox.  The text is pretty well written and I have to still do the photos for the book.  So stay tuned for more news about this project.  In the meantime, feel free to access my basic dog training video you can sign up for at the blog sidebar or at my main dog potty training website.

The Dog House/Great Dubuque Signs
Creative Commons License photo credit: Mike Willis

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